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RUMBLE59 – Denim for Greasers, Hotrodders, Bikers, Rockabellas & Bad Girls

RUMBLE59 looks back on rough times - when daring Moonshiners raced against Hillbilly- Cops, Rockabilly-Streetgangs fought for Little Italy and the first Rock'n'Roll idols appeared on the stages.
RUMBLE59 smells like Gasoline and self distilled booze, like a smoky honky tonk back room and a bloody boxing ring. It smells like pin-ups and betties, like tough guys and easy girls.
RUMBLE59 needs no bells and whistles to reach it's aim - just like a '32 Ford V8. Suitable not only for wrenching at the Garage, but also for rough everyday-life and wild party nights.

30% Rock'n'Roll | 10% Vintage | 15% Pin Up | 15% Rebel | 40% Denim = 110% ATTITUDE!

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